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Documentation update for importing a project configuration

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There is a correction to the commands used to import a project configuration.

Resolving the problem

Importing a project configuration

You can import the configuration data for a project by using the management console from the command line.

Before you begin

The project that you want to import in to must exist in IBM® Social Media Analytics.

You must know the value of the internal project ID for the project that you want to import in to. Find the value by searching the cci_topology.xml file for type="Project" where property name="contextRoot" and value=project ID as displayed on the Welcome page. The internal project ID is the value where property name="projectID". In the following example excerpt from the cci_topology.xml file, the project ID as displayed on the Welcome page is "myproject" and the internal project ID is "pro00001":

<resource id="project1" state="Complete" type="Project">
<property name="projectId" value="pro00001"/>
<property name="contextRoot" value="myproject"/>

About this task

You can import one project configuration at a time.

Ensure that users are not working in Configuration when you perform this task.

Log files for the import process are stored in install_location/cci_tmgmt/BackupRestoreUtility/logs directory.


1. Log in to the user interface node, as the cciusr user.
2. Type the following command:

./ -u status=complete -r 'post:/projects/internal_project_ID/importConfiguration:

Where internal_project_ID is the internal project ID that you determined in the About this task section and file_name is the name of the file to import from. You can also specify an absolute or relative path with the file name. If you specify a relative path, the path is relative to the path that is stored in the cci_topology.xml file. Do not insert blanks in the text that occurs between the braces ({}). In the following example the queries, hotwords, types, and concepts from /home/cciusr/Project1_backup.json are imported in to a project named Project1.

./ -u status=complete -r 'post:/projects/Project1/importConfiguration:

Document information

More support for: Social Media Analytics

Software version: 1.2

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1628087

Modified date: 26 April 2013