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Performance test yields ERROR 1215 (HY000) with MySQL project database

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Attempts to run a performance test with IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) of IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) result in MySQLSyntaxErrorException.


You can not run performance tests. You see one of the following symptoms.

  • The ghtester_mysql.sql database script fails with the following message:

    ERROR 1215 (HY000): Cannot add foreign key constraint
  • The JVM console of RIT displays the following:

    com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'database.test_cycle_project' doesn't exist
  • A performance test fails with the following:

    [Error] Failed to summarise data (Failed to complete performance test summary for instance ID: 1 - Table 'database.TESTER_SEQ_MRV' doesn't exist)

You can successfully run test sequences and test suites in RIT. You can also view test suite results.


The project database is case sensitive. You installed the MySQL database on a case-sensitive operating system, such as Linux. RTW attempts to access tables through both their uppercase and lowercase names.

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Verify the setting of MySQL system variable lower_case_table_names.

  2. Connect to MySQL.

  3. Run the following command.

    show variables like 'lower_case_table_names';

The value of "0" means false, "1"means true.

Resolving the problem

Always consult with your MySQL database administrator, because the instructions here might affect other database users on this instance of MySQL.

Read the RTW Installation Guides and MySQL documentation.

You need to configure the MySQL database to be non-case-sensitive and use lowercase for all table names. Consider the following steps.

  1. Exit any program that uses the database such as RIT.

  2. Backup the project database, if you want to keep your data.

  3. Shut down MySQL.

  4. Add the following variable to the mysqld section of your MySQL configuration file.


    Typically the configuration file would be /etc/my.cnf.

  5. Re-start MySQL.

  6. Connect to MySQL and verify the setting of 'lower_case_table_names' is 1.

    show variables like 'lower_case_table_names';

  7. Create a project database.

  8. Configure the new database, either:

    a) Restore data from previous backup

    b) Run the ghtester_mysql.sql script on the database to create the project objects.

  9. Ensure that the RIT user Id has access to the new database.

  10. Re-start the RTW components and configure them to connect to the new database.

  11. Delete the original database.


The same problem exists, if you use a Microsoft SQL Server database that has been configured to be case sensitive.

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