Placement of the region element affects output

Technote (troubleshooting)


The region property of an element placed right after its target region is not honored in the generated output.


Internal functioning of the Rational Publishing Engine Microsoft Word driver.

Diagnosing the problem


A template contains elements in this order:

    <other content>
    Region R1
    Element 1 ( target region = R1)
    Element 2 ( no region)

The expected output is:

    <other content>
    Element 1
    Element 2

But in the output, the content displays in this order:

    <other content>
    Element 2
    Element 1

Note: In this example, specifying the target region for Element 1 is redundant given its relative position.

Resolving the problem

If your element structure matches the pattern in the example and cannot be changed, then add an another of the same element after the region element to work around this issue. This additional element must not contain any content.

To resolve issue for the example above, the template looks like:

    <other content>
    Element (empty)
    Element 1
    Element 2

When you generate the output, the content displays in this order:

    <other content>
    Element 1
    Element 2

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