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Known issues in IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation v9.0

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What are some of the known issues in IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation v9.0?


1. If you update the Web Reports user credentials for an existing Web Reports user by logging on to Web Reports, the BES Server Plugin Service is not Configured Correctly Task in IBM Endpoint Manager Console does not become relevant. You must run this task to update the registry settings for the IBM Endpoint Manager server plugin service.

    If this task has not run successfully, the following messages are displayed in the pe_console.log file:

      2013-01-24 11:20:45,500 INFO [PlanEngine] (util.AccessChecker:151) :: IZNENG0132I The WebReports Service could not be reached. Verify that the BES WebReports Server Username and Password are correct.

      2013-01-24 11:20:45,500 INFO [PlanEngine] (util.AccessChecker:159) :: Invalid username or password.

      2013-01-24 11:20:45,500 WARN [PlanEngine] (core.PlanActionQueue:125) :: IZNENG071W Failed to retrieve the Automation Plan Action data from TEM Server (Web Reports Error): [IZNENG016E The web report service is unavailable. Invalid username or password. ]

    To update the registry settings for the IBM Endpoint Manager server plugin service you must complete the following.

      1. Click Warnings in the Domain Panel in the Server Automation domain.
      2. If Warnings is not visible in the navigation tree, click Show Non-Relevant Content to display it.
      3. In the Warnings dashboard, select BES Server Plugin Service is not Configured Correctly.
      4. On the Description tab click Configure SOAP API credentials for BES Server Plugin Service. Enter the new Web Report User credentials in the Task description and click Take Action.
      5. If the Web Reports URL field is empty, click Tools > Launch Web Reports in the menu bar. The Web Reports URL is displayed in the web browser address bar, for example " http: //Web Reports server name/webreports". Copy the URL from the web browser address bar into the Web Reports URL field. (issues #32111 and 33227)

2. Because of an underlying IBM Endpoint Manager issue, some Automation Plans might fail at a step in the Automation Plan immediately following the enablement of an IBM Endpoint Manager client (for example, where the previous step provisioned a new virtual machine or powered on an existing virtual machine). It is not limited to steps that run fixlets from custom sites, the step that is failing might be running a fixlet from any site. A workaround for this issue is to reduce the number of sites on the system to which the computer is subscribed. For more information about this issue, see (issue #32130)

3. The Date field in the Take Automation Plan Action panel and the Source Release Date field in the Details tab in the Automation Plans dashboard do not use the date format that is set in the Region setting on the IBM Endpoint Manager Console server. You can not change the format of the Date field and the Source Release Date field. (issue #32968)

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