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Unable to request more than one piece of software in SelfService UI

Technote (troubleshooting)


You are unable to request more than a single piece of additional software when requesting a server in a new project. This results in a message about the server being in maintenance mode when selecting FINISH from the summary page.


Pop-up message shows error:

CTJZH2338E: A server error occurred creating this new service request. The system may be in maintenance mode. Please check with your administrator.


After looking at the firebug logs, we found that there is one software template parameter value causing this error:

BMXAA4049E - The value specified msiexec /i "C:\Temp\TSM623\\IBM Tivoli Storage Manager ... exceeds the maximum field length".                       
This SRT (software resource template) parameter name="install-command" is in "DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Client" and "DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Agent" (just to make an example) stacks and it seems to have length ~350 characters. There is a limit on SRT parameter (configuration parameter) value that can be passed through the SimpleSRM UI: maximum value is 255 characters.

Here are some explanations about packages, stacks, SRTs:

- a Software package has a SRT (software resource template) associated with it. Call it as a parent SRT.
- a Stack is a container for software packages and it has its own parent SRT. When a package is added into the stack, it creates a child SRT for that package under stack's parent SRT.

For example: Package 'DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Agent' has parent SRT and it contains required parameters. When it is added to a stack, the parent SRT of the stack won't have any parameters, but the child SRT created, due to this package entry addition, will have all parameters as in original package SRT.


TSAM 7.2.4

Resolving the problem

SimpleSRM UI shows parameters at parent SRT level. That is the reason for which you see all parameters when selecting package 'DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Agent':

Instead if you select a stack, for example 'DH TSM 6.2.3 x64 Windows Client', its parent SRT won't have any parameters defined:

If you want to hide SRT parameters for package 'DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Agent', you can follow these steps:                                                                
1. Login to TSAM Admin UI as maxadmin.                                 
2. Go To > IT Infrastructure > Software Catalog > Software Products    
3. Select the package 'DH TSM 6.2.3 x32 Windows Agent'                 
4. Under 'Configuration Templates' section, you will see only one parent SRT. Click on it.
5. At the right hand side you will see Template Parameters           
6. You can expand every parameter and set the 'Hidden?' flag.

Here after an example of :

- a Software package (having a SRT associated with it named parent SRT):

- a Stack (a container for software packages having its own parent SRT):

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Service Automation Manager

Software version: 7.2.4

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1627751

Modified date: 05 February 2015

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