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Authorization in progress... Authorization failed.: Authorization Error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customer is trying to activate the 20 Alpha-Numeric Authorization Code after the software installation.
-- OR --
Customer is trying to activate the 20 Alpha-Numeric Authorization Code by launching the License Authorization Wizard.


[IBM SPSS Statistics 21 Licensing]
'Internet Authorization Status' window when running the License Authorization Wizard.

--------------- The entire message in the 'Internet Authorization Status' window ---------------

Authorization in progress...(a 20-alpha-numeric authorization code)
Authorization failed.: Authorization Error
* * * End Of Transaction. * * *
One or more codes failed.

Click "Next" to license authorization via e-mail.

--------------- End of message ---------------


Possible causes:
Anti-virus program
Third Party software running in affected environment



Resolving the problem

The License Authorization Wizard sends your authorization code over the Internet to IBM Corp. and automatically retrieves your license. If your computer is behind a proxy, click Configure proxy settings and enter the appropriate settings.

If the authorization process fails, you will be prompted to send an e-mail message.
Send the e-mail message and respond to the prompt in the License Authorization Wizard.
The e-mail message will be processed almost instantaneously.
You can then re-run the License Authorization Wizard and enter the license code(s) when you receive the reply email.

If you already closed the License Authorization Wizard please do the following:
Using the start menu, go to All Programs, and locate IBM SPSS Statistics, there you will see the shortcut to launch the Statistics software and an option to launch the license authorization wizard.

Note: On Windows Vista or above, you must run as administrator.
Right-click the License Authorization Wizard shortcut and choose 'Run As Administrator', when the wizards starts click next on the status screen and then select License my product now.

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