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Known behavior of Personal Communications in Citrix XenApp environment

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What is the expected behavior while using IBM Personal Communications under Citrix XenApp version 6.0 and 6.5 environments?


Personal Communications exhibits different behaviors under Citrix XenApp environment than on Windows environment.


The following list provides information about behaviors that may be expected while using IBM Personal Communications under Citrix XenApp - 6.0, 6.5 - environments.

  • On a Citrix server, applications must be published using defined users. Publishing applications with anonymous access is not advised as problems might ensue while accessing the IBM Personal Communications application data folder.

  • Though Citrix server is configured to display hidden files, these files might not be visible from Citrix Receiver. This may affect users of IBM Personal Communications. For example, changing the profile path (for "Classic Private" application data location), or changing the path of Macro/Scripts through the "User Preference Manager" (userpm.exe) utility might not be possible, as the hidden directories cannot be browsed.

  • Citrix Receiver allows creation of desktop shortcuts for the published applications. This is a Citrix feature that removes the necessity of ICA client to access IBM Personal Communications. However, this feature might not work. Therefore, users of Citrix Receiver might not be able to start emulator sessions from desktop shortcuts. ICA client will have to be launched to access IBM Personal Communications.

  • To enable secure connection to the host, the security provider application will also have to be published, apart from the IBM Personal Communications. If IBM GSKit is the security service provider, Certificate Management application will have to be published; whereas, if MSCAPI is the security service provider, Internet Explorer (or any other supported browser) will have to be published on the Citrix server.

  • SNA, DOS EHLLAPI, Database Access, Check Connection APING features will not work in Citrix environment because these IBM Personal Communications functionalities are not available in a 64-bit environment.

  • An "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error will be reported while accessing FTP client in Citrix environment. However, the FTP client works as expected.

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