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The profile tooling code generates duplicate methods in the palette code

Technote (troubleshooting)


After you generate the tooling code of a profile with IBM Rational Software Architect, duplicate methods appear in the code.


The following steps reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a profile tooling model

  2. Add a class diagram to the model

  3. Add a palette creation tool entry to the diagram

  4. Add two palette drawers to the diagram

  5. Draw a DSLToolProfilePaletteContainerchildrenPaletteEntryEditPart relationship from each of the palette drawers to the palette creation tool entry, so that the palette entry is contained within the two different palette drawers

  6. Generate the tooling code
    Expected Result: No errors or problems result.

    Actual Result: Duplicate create methods are generated, which results in the Duplicate method create() in type PaletteFactory error message.


Although there are no restrictions on creating multiple parent-child relationship between a <<PaletteDrawer>> and a <<PaletteCreationToolEntry>>, it is not recommended to have one child related to multiple parents.

By design, one palette entry is expected to be associated with only one parent container, either a palette drawer or a palette stack.

Resolving the problem


Delete the duplicate methods in the resulting code and save the changes.

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Software Development Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software Plug-ins Windows 8.5.1

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Modified date: 26 March 2013