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Upgrade 6.2.8-> failed - NullPointerException

Technote (troubleshooting)


Upgrading Maximo 6.2 to 7.1 failed. This is the error reported in the upgrade log:

Populating MAXDOMAIN Thu Feb 21 15:56:02 EST 2013





As part of the 6 to 7 upgrade, new column INTERNAL is added to table MAXDOMAIN. Subsequently in the upgrade process, when this new column is referenced, the column does not exist, prompting a NullPointerException. Also created during the upgrade are logs for configdb, resrtorefrombackup, and dropbackup. A review of the configdb log shows:
Insufficient space available for ConfigDB, need 6242M bytes in tablespace MAXIMO.

Because of insufficient tablespace, ConfigDB did not run; because ConfigDB did not run, no columns were added or updated, including column MAXDOMAIN.INTERNAL.


Windows, Maximo 6.2 to 7.1 upgrade, all database platforms.

Diagnosing the problem

Review configdb log. If the size of the file is 1K or less, then ConfigDB did not run and no new columns were added. Also check the configdb log for any errors, including

Insufficient space available for ConfigDB, need 6242M bytes in tablespace MAXIMO.

Resolving the problem

Restore the database to pre-upgrade. Resolve the error that was reported by ConfigDB - in this case, increase the tablespace size. Run the upgrade again from the beginning.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Asset Management for IT Not Applicable
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Service Request Manager

Document information

More support for: Maximo Asset Management
Upgrade Utility

Software version: 6.2, 6.2.7, 6.2.8, 7.1

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1627302

Modified date: 28 March 2013

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