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A collection of answers to frequently asked questions about the transition of Vivisimo Support to IBM Support, including questions about Site Technical Contacts (STC) and IBM Customer Numbers (ICN).


Using IBM Support Webinar
Q: Where can I access the slides and recording of the Using IBM Support webinar hosted on March 14 and 18, 2013?
A: The presentation slides are available as an attachment at the bottom of this document. You can access the full recording here. Please note: the recording was made in a separate session without client attendees and does not include the discussion or Q&A from either of the live webinars.

Q: Can I access key links shared during the Webinar?
A: Please see the key links below:

Support Transition
Q: When do Vivisimo Support systems transition to IBM Support systems?
A: The transition will take place on Monday March 25, 2013.

Q: Will Vivisimo Velocity be renamed?
A: Yes, Vivisimo Velocity is now IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer. It is part of the Information Management software portfolio.

Working with IBM Support
Q: Can I phone Vivisimo Support directly like I do now?
A: The best way to reach IBM Support is through our Support Portal at To open a new Service Request (support case), simply click the Service Requests & PMRs tab.

If you experience temporary difficulties submitting support tickets through the IBM Support Portal, you may call IBM Support anytime. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation during this transition.
  • Country-specific telephone numbers:
  • Please communicate your ICN to those within your organization with a need to access IBM Support by telephone.

Q: Can we still use after the transition?
A: Please access Support through the IBM Support Portal at The email address will be retired.

Q: Will my existing open Vivisimo Support cases remain open when the transition takes place? What about my "On Hold" cases?
A: You will receive an email on the transition date for each open or "on hold" support case in the Vivisimo Self-Service Portal. The email will include information about how you can access this case in the IBM Service Request Tool, including a new Service Request number to replace the Support Case number.

Q: How can I upload files to my case from the IBM Support Portal?
A: You can easily upload files to your service request in the IBM Service Request Tool. Please view the Service Request Tool video demo with more information.

Q: How can I allow IBM Support to access my search server(s) directly?
A: IBM Support can only access your search server(s) through IBM Assist On Site or equivalent web conferencing and remote control software that you can provide.

Q: I have regular weekly/monthly meetings directly with Vivisimo Support by phone and web meeting. Will I be able to continue these?
A: Yes, the transition to IBM systems does not change any other arrangement that you have with Vivisimo (now Data Explorer) Technical Support.

Q: I currently use Web-ex to meet with Vivisimo Support. Can I continue to use that same software?
A: IBM Assist On Site will be our primary live remote-assistance tool. If necessary, we can also use other remote-assistance software that you can provide.

Q: What are the hours for non-emergency Support from IBM?
A: Please see the IBM Support Handbook for information about availability, response times, and severity levels.

Q: When will I hear from IBM Support after submitting a Service Request?
A: Please see the IBM Support Handbook for information about availability, response times, and severity levels.

Fixes, Downloads, and Software Versions
Q: Where can I find instructions for updating my software or downloading fixes?
A: We encourage you to register for My Notifications to receive automatic email notifications about software updates and fixes. Find IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer within Software --> Information Management. View the My Notifications video demo for more information. Fix Central is the IBM tool for managing and downloading fixes. Learn more about Fix Central in this video demo.

Q: Can I still request a download of various versions of Velocity from Vivisimo Support?
A: Software can be downloaded only from IBM Fix Central or Passport Advantage sites. The Technical Support team will no longer be distributing software through our Vivisimo Support server or FTP.

Q: Are there any issues that I should expect if I am using a version of Vivisimo Velocity rather than IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer?
A: We do not anticipate that you will experience any issues related to your use of a version of Vivisimo Velocity instead of IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer.

Q: What is the oldest version of Vivisimo Velocity for which I can receive support?
A: The oldest version that is supported today is Vivisimo Velocity 6.0. End of Service dates are announced through the IBM Support Lifecycle page. You can currently view information for InfoSphere Data Explorer 8.2.0. You can also learn more about IBM Support Lifecycle policies.

Site Technical Contact Guidance
Q: What is the process to successfully change the Site Technical Contact (STC) for an IBM Customer Number (ICN)?
A: Send an email to to contact someone who can walk you through the process. Due to client privacy, only someone from the Client company can authorize these changes.

Now that I am a Site Technical Contact, how do I manage the others in my organization who need to open and manage InfoSphere Data Explorer (Vivisimo) cases?
A: As an STC, it is your responsibility to manage your user environment. This management includes adding and authorizing user access as well as assigning the access level.

To add users, click the User Administration tab in the left pane, followed by the Add tab on the subsequent page. Alternatively, a user can request access by clicking on the My Agreements tab in the left pane. (To do this, the user must know the ICN.) You will be notified of the request, at which point you can approve or deny it.

Typically, you give a new user full access, which gives them the right to open tickets along with the ability to view and update any other ticket associated with that ICN. You may want to designate one or more users as Administrator so that others have the ability to add and approve users.

Q: I have my IBM Customer Numbers (ICN), but how do I know which ICN represents each of my multiple locations?
A: You can contact Client Care at to help you walk through managing your multiple ICNs.

How can I be notified of any new cases or updates to existing cases for my ICN?
A: Users can add multiple "interested parties" to a service request (problem ticket). Each interested party is notified of subsequent updates. However, there is no automated process to add you to update notifications or automatically alert you to new cases.

Return to the IBM Vivisimo Support Communications webpage.

Using IBM Support Webinar slides: Using IBM Support Webinar.pdfUsing IBM Support Webinar.pdf


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