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Requirements for using the IMS Bridge for user provisioning in an upgraded IMS Server 8.2

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What are the special requirements in using the IMS Bridge for user provisioning, after an IMS Server upgrade to version 8.2?


If you want to use the IMS Bridge for user account provisioning, see the following requirements depending on your IMS Server upgrade scenario:

IMS Server version
Base version* Current version** Upgraded to Special Requirements
3.x or 8.0.0 8.0.1 8.2
  • The IMS Bridge can only communicate with a 32-bit 8.2 IMS Server deployed on a 32-bit WebSphere Application Server.
  • If you plan to upgrade to a 64-bit 8.2 IMS Server, you will need a network deployment (cluster) where one of the nodes is a 32-bit node. The 32-bit node must contain the 32-bit 8.2 IMS Server, through which the IMS Bridge will communicate. See the attached diagram.
      You can determine the 32-bit WebSphere Application Server HTTPS port by:
        1. On the WebSphere Administrative Console, access [Server] > [Server Types] > [WebSphere application servers].
        2. Click the 32-bit server of interest.
        3. Select [Communications] > Ports, and refer to WC_defaulthost_secure.

      Note: Ensure that https://<IP address of the 32-bit node>:<WC_defaulthost_secure>/ims is accessible from the IMS Bridge.
8.0.1 8.0.1 8.2
3.x or 8.0.x 8.1 8.2
8.1 8.1 8.2
  • There are no special requirements for this upgrade scenario. Just follow the Upgrade roadmap in the Installation Guide.
    Note: If you used the ISAM ESSO Provisioning Bridge or Provisioning Agent in your IMS Server deployment before you upgraded the server to 8.2, you must upgrade these components to their corresponding 8.2 versions. Their installer files are included in the IMS Server installation package.

    * Base version - The first IMS Server version you installed prior to any upgrades.
    ** Current version - The current IMS Server version, whether if it is from a new installation or an upgrade from a previous version. This is the existing version that you have before upgrading to IMS Server version 8.2

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