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Common Benign Database Errors found in Rational Build Forge

Technote (troubleshooting)


When running IBM Rational Build Forge in the Foreground or debug mode. You may see a host of messages which look like they have the potential to be serious problems. These can also be seen in the db.log file found in the Rational Build Forge Home install directory. Below is a list of seven common database errors that in most cases can be ignored.


Below are 7 errors found frequently in our db.log.

Error 1:
CRRBFEEEEE: 11796556: Database: DBD::DB2::st execute failed: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0803N One or more values in the INSERT statement, UPDATE statement, or foreign key update caused by a DELETE statement are not valid because the primary key, unique constraint or unique index identified by "1" constrains table "BUILD.BF_LOGS" from having duplicate values for the index key. SQLSTATE=23505

These are the result of likely an insert of data from an agent run being rejected because of the duplicate index key. Implying that the information is already there and is an error that can be ignored.

Error 2:
CRRBF0556I: 14221400: Database: Trying to call [execute] on a non-existant database handle

This happens when the database disconnects from one of the perl
processes and the perl process tries to do something with it's database
handle. There are normal cases where this happens and it in most cases can be ignored. It might impact function of job execution, and coupled with failed functionality it may be a cause for concern. Otherwise it can be ignored.

Error 3:
Wed Jan 30 18:20:24 EST 2013: CRRBF1383I: 11796556: Event: Attempt to create event via Services Connection failed, will now queue via DB instead [BuildForge::Ex::IOException: Referenced invalidated connection
Caused by: BuildForge::Ex::IOException: Invalidate called Caused by: BuildForge::Ex::ProtocolException: Message [timestamp=1359587502, userId=0, processId=0, severity=ERROR, type=,messageKey=APIProtoCorrupted, args={}, indirectionMask=0]

This is also a perl process that is trying to do something with a closed handle, but this time it is a services layer connection that is
invalid that is trying to be used. Again if coupled with failed functionality it can be cause for concern, but most the time it can be ignored.

Error 4:
CRRBF1388I: 12648646: Services: Error Connecting to Build Forge Services [BuildForge::Ex::IOException: Unable to connect to A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.].

Build Forge by default has system settings that can be changed through the UI under Administration/system. These settings control how often build forge pings the agents located on a remote machine. To ensure that they are still available. More specifically this is the services layer not allowing a connection to a Perl process do to a race condition and or network slowing or error. In most cases this error can be ignored. If your jobs are failing or a server that is available can has a correct server authentication created is failing, then this is a cause for concern.

Error 5
CRRBF1387I: 12648646: Services: Error Authenticating with Build Forge Services [BuildForge::Ex::APIException: Engine license count exceeded (or missing license)

This error message is indicating that the Engine License count exceeded (or missing license). This error is a result of not being able to connect to the services layer or the services layer reporting that there is no license
available. This can occur several times during Build Forge upon the initial start up. This to can be ignored. If you open the Build Forge UI and in the top (your left) corner you see in RED text an error regarding your licenses. Then this would be cause for concern. However, if Build Forge appears to be working as usual, this message can be ignored.

Error 6
Sat Feb 2 14:09:42 EST 2013: CRRBF0570I: 8323318: DB: Database [BUILD] has reached or exceeded the threshold size of [2000000000], currently

This error is frequently seen when the Build Forge Database has either outgrown or is approaching it's threshold limit. This is the space allocated to build forge within a defined database. The threshold is by default set to 2 gigs.. This will automatically increase as the database increases. There are many reasons as to why the DB would exceed the default allotted space. In an enterprise deployment, 200 gigs is more of a reasonable limit, which can be set System configuration (Administration/System). This error however has no effect on performance.

Error 7

Bad File descriptor Error


This error is seen when Build Forge first starts up. It means that Build Forge can not contact the services layer. Depending on the order of when Build Forge segments get up and running. This error can be seen when the services layer is not yet available, but the Build Forge engine is trying to contact it. This to is a generic error and can be ignored.


These errors have many causes, but without lack of functionality, they have no known impact. In most cases these errors do not impact performance or scalability of production. .

Diagnosing the problem

You can see these errors in the db.log located in the Home Install Directory of Build Forge. You can also see some of these errors in the command window when running Build Forge in debug mode. For more information regarding running IBM Rational Build Forge in debug mode, please see the Build Forge Information Center.

Resolving the problem

This is an attempt to explain these error messages in the most simplistic way. While in most cases these errors can be ignored, if loss of functionality or additional errors are present. Seeking additional help to resolve the problem is recommended.

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