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How to use Rhapsody Java API to identify dependencies drawn to a specific requirement

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How do you write Java API in IBM Rational Rhapsody in order to identify all the dependencies drawn to a specific requirement?


Normally, you can use Rhapsody Java API getDependencies() to directly retrieve all the dependency information from a selected model element; however, for Requirement model element, no corresponding getDependencies() API being provided. In this specific case, you should consider to utilize other available API to retrieve the dependency info.


The code provided below shows you how to get the reference information from a requirement instance, and extract only dependencies information for further processing.


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=======================Begin of Sample Code=======================

IRPRequirement iReq;

//Step1: Retrieve all the references related to requirement iReq
IRPCollection iRefCollect = iReq.getReferences();

//Step2: Run a loop to get each referenced elements in turn
for(int i=1 ; i<=iRefCollect.getCount() ; i++) {

    //Step3: Check if the current referenced element is the instance of dependency

    if (iRefCollect.getItem(i)  instanceof IRPDependency) {
      // Step4: Perform type cast and continue the further user operation
      IRPDependency iDep = (IRPDependency)(iRefCollect.getItem(i));

========================End of Sample Code========================

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