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Collecting Data: Read first for Tivoli Network Manager

Technote (troubleshooting)


Before opening a Service Request familiarize yourself with the components of Network Manager to assist with collecting diagnostic data.

Diagnosing the problem

How to use this document
Review the table below.

The Component Group lists the main 5 components of ITNM. It uses the same naming convention as the ITNM installer.

The Function column lists out the tasks that each Component undertakes.

The Processes column holds the names of the processes that are involved in those functions.

The Links column contains the location of the relevant document for capturing diagnostic data on those processes. Those locations are also repeated in the Related Information section below.

Please note: When opening a Service Request or contacting Support for the first time, it is important that you provide a full and detailed explanation of the problem and the components affected. Please include the following general information:

1) Details of the environments.

  • Production or test/development
  • New deployment or existing system, i.e. has the system just been deployed and is not fully operational or has it been in place for some time?
  • New or long standing issue, has the problem just started happening or has it always been a problem since deployment. If it has just started happening were any changes made recently to the system?
  • Single server or distributed? Please describe the placement of the components of the product across devices and networks. Are there firewalls in between the servers?

2) Version details.
  • Full version details of the operating systems involved.
  • Full details of the IBM software versions and any third party software involved. This aids us in looking for known issues.

3) Full description of the problem/issue or questions including
  • Any steps required to replicate the problem.
  • All diagnostic work carried out to date.
  • Any debug data collected such as trace or debug log files.
  • All configuration data.

Automated data collection script for AIX, Linux and Solaris Operating Systems .

A script also exists that automates the collection and formatting of all ITNM component on Unix. Please see the Related Information section below for "" or use the following link for more information and the download:

Resolving the problem

Component Group Function Processes Link to MustGather
Installer Installation Deployment Engine (DE), Composite Offer Installer (COI), Install Anywhere (IA)
Core Discovery ncp_disco, ncp_agent, ncp_d_helpserv, ncp_dh*, ncp_df*, stitcher files (*.stch), agent files (*.agnt)
Model ncp_model, ncp_store, ncp_class, Active Object Class files (*.aoc)
Miscellaneous ncp_ctrl, ncp_config, ncp_trapmux, ncp_crypt, ncp_mib, ncp_oql, ncp_perl, scripts (*.pl, *.sh), ncp_virtualdomainModel
Root Cause Analysis ncp_poller, ncp_g_event (3.9) ncp_ncogate (3.8), nco_p_ncpmonitor, Event Gateway stitcher files (*.stch ITNM 3.9), ncp_f_amos (ITNM 3.8)
Web Applications:
All hosted in the Tivoli Integrated Portal (TIP). You need to be logged into TIP to use any of these components.
Administration Database Access Configuration, Network Polling, Path View Administration, Management Database Access.
Tivoli Integrated Portal (TIP)
MibGrapher Change trace level in NCHOME/precision/profiles/TIPProfile/etc/tnm/
Tivoli Common Reporter (TCR)
Network Availability Network Health Views, Fault-Finding View, Network Views,Network Hop View, Path Views, SNMP MIB Browser, SNMP MIB Graph
Discovery Configuration Network Discovery Status, Network Discovery Configuration
Topology Database
This relates to the relational database that is Informix installed by ITNM, or one of the other database types supported by ITNM.
Database Informix (3.9)
Oracle: refer to vendor
MySQL: refer to vendor
ITNM clients to the database Model, Discovery, Poller and Web Applications See 'Processes' column in this table
Netcool/OMNIbus Event Management ObjectServer (nco_objserv), Process Agent (PA, nco_pad), Bidirectional and Uni-direcitonal ObjectServer Gateways (nco_g_objserv_bi, nco_g_objserv_uni)
ITNM clients to the ObjectServer but installed as ITNM Core components Event Gateway ncp_g_event (ITNM 3.9) ncp_ncogate (ITNM 3.8), ITNM Probe (nco_p_ncpmonitor), SNMP probe (nco_p_mttrapd).

Related information

Submitting information to Support
Read First for Netcool/OMNIbus
MustGather for ITNM Core Components
Read First for Tivoli Common Reporter
MustGather for ITNM Web Applications

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition

Software version: 3.8, 3.9, 4.1, 4.1.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1627124

Modified date: 01 April 2014