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Error when deleting Service Provider records by using the Registry Services CLI command

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The use of the Registry Services CLI command to delete Service Provider records returns a transaction rollback error if the environment does not have the required middleware settings.


After you install Jazz for Service Management and create Service Provider records with Registry Services, you can run the Registry Services CLI command to delete Service Provider records that you do not use or need.

Depending upon your environment, you can receive a transaction rollback error. You must verify your environment settings to ensure that you have the required middleware settings in place.

Resolving the problem

Before you use the Registry Services CLI command to delete Service Provider records, ensure that the following configurations are set:

1) On DB2, verify the transaction log space values. The recommended values are:

- logprimary 60
- logsecond 40
- logfilsiz 16384

For example, if you need to set those values, run the following command: db2 update db cfg for FRSDB using logprimary 60 logsecond 40 logfilsiz 16384.

2) On Linux system, ensure that the ulimit value is correctly set based on the version installed in your environment.

For DB2 9.7, see

For DB2 10.1, see

If you need to set ulimit to a different value, use the command: ulimit -n value.

3) Open the /etc/sysctl.conf file and ensure that the fs.file-max value is at least 6553600. Save the file and restart the system.

Note: The settings for ulimit -n and fs.file-max allow a higher number of connections to DB2. For example, if you have a 'DSRA9110E: Connection is closed' error message in your log file, you can configure these settings to a higher value to solve the issue.

4) On WebSphere Application Server, open the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.

5) Select Application servers > server_name > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine.

6) Ensure that the Maximum heap size is set to at least 2048 MB.

7) On the administrative console, select Data sources > datasource_name > Connection pools.

8) Verify the Maximum connections and the Minimum connections values. Ensure that they are set to at least the following values:

- Maximum connections 30
- Minimum connections 0

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