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How Rational Performance Tester (RPT) handles ActiveX controls

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How does IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) handle ActiveX controls?


Allowing the ActiveX controls within the browser duplicates the page requests while recording with RPT.


In the case of ActiveX controls, if they are communicating with the server using a protocol supported by RPT then, you should be able to see the traffic in your recorded test.. Later within this test, you can make modifications/correlations/etc.

Example: HTTP / HTTPS protocol based traffic

But if some other protocols are being used by these ActiveX controls then you will not be able to capture it with RPT.

Meaning, RPT test is only looking at network data sent to and from the web browser. Any interaction that takes place locally and does not generate network traffic, then RPT recorder would not capture any data. Therefore data not included in the RPT testscript.

Example: Using a ActiveX Java, or JavaScript mortgage calculator, game.

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