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Tivoli Storage Manager servers may assign an incorrect tape drive to a NAS server during NDMP tape operations.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) tape operations may fail during periods of high activity. Under certain conditions, the tape drive could already be in use by the NAS server when the NDMP attempts to write to the same tape, which results in data being overwritten.


Until you have a fixing level which includes APAR IC87462, when using Tivoli Storage Manager servers with NDMP-based NAS backup-to-tape, the tape may be stored incorrectly and might become inaccessible.

All Tivoli Storage Manager server Version 5.5.0 or later users running NDMP tape operations with NAS-attached tape drives.
Affected Data Types: Data written directly to tape by a NAS server using NDMP.
You may be affected if all of the following conditions are met:
· Multiple tape drives are attached to the NAS server; and
· NDMP Backup is used; and
· Each tape drive has multiple path names defined; and
· The path names that are defined for the NAS server overlap with other path definitions (this situation can occur when multiple NAS devices are using NDMP).
Install Tivoli Storage Manager version,,, or later. These packages contain the fix for APAR IC87462 ( is subject to change at the discretion of IBM).


As documented in APAR IC87462, after you install versions 5.7.000,,, or later, the server can correctly identify the correct drive path for the NAS server to use.


Ensure that all NAS drive mappings are the same. For example, NAS A drive 1 and NAS B drive 1 should have the same defined path name: /dev/rmt1.

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