Fix for APAR JR43422 Causes Behavior Change in Complex Flat File stage

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In InfoSphere Information Server V8.7 Fix Pack 2, code changes to the Complex Flat File stage behavior per APAR JR43422 cause some decimal fields to be rejected.

Diagnosing the problem

The Version 8.7 Fix Pack 2 code changes were intended to tighten the error checking of signed decimal fields in the Sequential File stage.

The change applies to fields which are declared as Signed = yes in the Import Column MetaData screen of the InfoSphere DataStage Designer client.
Before the change, such a field would import as a positive number, and there would be no errors. After the change, if the field did not have a sign character, the row that contains the field would be rejected with errors such as the following messages:

#W IIS-DSEE-TFIG-00201 10:54:28(003) <import,0> Field "a" has import error and
no default value; data: {1d}, at offset: 0
##W IIS-DSEE-TOIX-00154 10:54:28(004) <import,0> Import warning at record 1.
##W IIS-DSEE-TOIX-00018 10:54:28(005) <import,0> Import unsuccessful at record 1

Late in the test cycle of Version 8.7 Fix Pack 2, it was discovered that the fix for APAR JR43422 also affected the import of decimal fields in the Complex Flat File stage. If fields are declared as signed and do not have explicit sign characters or nibbles, then the fields are rejected. A typical rejection message is:
Complex_Flat_File_10,0: Field "CFCFDN_FLD10" has import error and no default value; data:

This is a change in behavior from Version

Resolving the problem

We are working to restore the original behavior of the Complex Flat File stage in a future patch.

If you want to restore the original behavior after installing Version 8.7 Fix Pack 2, define the following environment variable :

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