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Problems accessing IBM Connections Blogs after using WSAdmin to update blog home page handle

Technote (troubleshooting)


After the administrator follows the product documentation to update the handle of the blog home page, users find that the Public Blogs page is no longer accessible.

1. Start the wsadmin client.
2. Execute the following commands:
- wsadmin>execfile("")
- wsadmin>BlogsConfigService.updateConfig("SiteFrontPageWeblogHandle","TEST")
3. Verify you receive this message:
SiteFrontPageWeblogHandle was successfully changed
4. Exit the wsadmin client and login to Connections.
5. Navigate to Blogs.
6. Click on Public Blogs.

Page Not Found error in the UI. The rest of the Blogs UI seems to be unaffected.
In addition, one may find that when editing the Blogs Administration page,
there was a "NullPointerException" error when they tried to save their changes.


When the BLOGS database is initially created, a record is created in the BLOGS.WEBSITE table.
The value for the HANDLE column for this record gets updated when using wsadmin in this way.
However, there is another row in a different table, BLOGS_ROLLER_PROPERTIES, whose name is
site.frontpage.weblog.handle. The corresponding value here does not get updated by wsadmin.

The difference between these two database values is the cause of this problem.
The MBean implement of BlogsConfigService.updateConfig("SiteFrontPageWeblogHandle","..."),
only updates the blog handle of current frontpage blog. It does not update the data in roller_properties table.

Diagnosing the problem

Examine the two tables as outlined in the BLOGS database and compare the values for these 2 fields.

In the BLOGS.WEBSITE table:


If they do not match, then follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, use wsadmin commands to change both the blog handle and update front page blog handle, as follows:

- execfile("")
- BlogsAdminService.renameWeblogHandle("<old_handle>", "<new_handle>")
- BlogsConfigService.updateConfig("SiteFrontPageWeblogHandle","<new_handle>")

This issue is tracked in the defect report, SPR# DAMC956N5U (APAR LO74089), and will be reviewed for inclusion in future maintenance.

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Modified date: 05 March 2014