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Session refused but client not down-level with server version

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client sessions are refused (ANR0428W and ANS1357S) but, conversely to the error message text, the client version is not down-level compared to the Tivoli Storage Manager server version.


The cause is the internal node state change from non-unicode to unicode-enabled.
This would happen when the same node name is used to connect to the Tivoli Storage Manager server from a non-unicode-enabled client and from a unicode-enabled client (typically the Backup-Archive client on Windows, Macintosh OS X, and NetWare),

Examples would be:
- Using the Backup-Archive client on Windows to run queries for data backed up
by a Data Protection client.
- Using the same node name to backup databases with a Data Protection client and
to backup files with the Backup-Archive client on Windows.
- Using the same node name for backups with a Data Protection client and
for the Backup-Archive client scheduler service on Windows.

Diagnosing the problem

The following message id reported in the client error log:

ANS1357S Session rejected: Downlevel client code version.

The following message is reported on the server activity log:
ANR0428W Session ... for node ... refused - client is down-level with this server version.

A client API trace will show:
cuSignOnResp: Server rejected session; result code: 57

When you list the nodes with server command QUERY NODE F=D then the value in the Platform column should correctly represents the client's data.
For example, the Platform value for a Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases (Data Protection for Oracle) node on Windows 64-bit should be like "DP Oracle Win64", and not "WinNT".

Resolving the problem

Make sure to use always different node names for different types of Tivoli Storage Manager clients and different types of data being handled, for example Backup-Archive client on Windows, Backup-Archive client on AIX, Data Protection for SAP, Data Protection for MS SQL, API clients for third party applications.

Contact IBM support to resolve access problems to data already backed up to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

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