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Which logs can be collected on iOS devices? Is it possible to check the history of actions or
configuration change from TEM console?


The ios-plugin.log it is a fairly uninteresting log and there is no debug mode for it,The more interesting log with the debug information would be the iosmdm.log file and there is a fixlet to turn debug mode on there (#121).
All actions from TEM are recorded in the database and in the "actions" tab of the console. The iOS profile actions include the profile name. Additionally, the iOS agents return the names of the profiles installed on the device as a property, which can be seen easily in the console or in a report. The actions are in the database (even if the operator clicks "delete" on the action, they will not be removed from the database unless a database admin removes them).
The actions are stored in the actions table.
The actions are stored in the actions table. More info here:

Information on how to undelete actions can be found here:

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