Rational Functional Tester - It is not possible to take a Data Verification Point/Data Drive on Adobe Flex controls such as Spark Combobox and Spark Dropdown List controls.

Technote (troubleshooting)


It is not possible to take a Data Verification Point/Data Drive on Spark Combobox and Spark Dropdown List controls in Rational Functional Tester.


Due to a limitation in the Adobe Flex software development kit (SDK), the items can be fetched only if the drop-down remains open.

Resolving the problem

Taking a Data Drive on Spark Combobox / Spark DropDown List is not supported at present.

To take Data Verification Points for a Spark Combobox or Spark DropDown List, use the Time Delayed Selection. Complete these steps:

  1. Select the control for which you want to take a Data Verification Point, and open the Verification Point and Action Wizard.
  2. Select Time Delayed Selection from the Selection Method list.
  3. Set the Seconds before selection value. The default value its 10.
  4. Click the Object Finder icon.
  5. Open the drop-down and move the mouse to hover over the Spark Combobox/DropDownList control, and not the Combobox/DropDownList items, as shown in the following figures:
  6. After the time set in the Seconds before selection, the All Items verification point is captured for the control.

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