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Restoring Microsoft Exchange public folders.

Technote (troubleshooting)


This document will explain the restore of Microsoft Exchange public folders using Tivoli Manager for mail ( Exchange ).

Resolving the problem

When Tivoli Storage for Mail ( Exchange ) is used to run backups of the Exchange Servers, it can be used to run backups of the public folders also but there are some guidelines when it comes to restoring the public folders.

  • Public Folders should not be selected for restore at the same time as Exchange user databases.
  • Individual Public Folder cannot be selected for a restore, complete restore of Public Folders is required. See Note 1.
  • Inactive version of the Public Folders can be restored.
  • Public Folders will restore back to original locations overwriting the existing public folders.
    See Note 2.

Notes :

  1. Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback for Microsoft Exchange product can be used to restore Individual Public Folders.
  2. Public Folders can be restored without overwriting the existing Public Folders by following this document: Restoring Exchange Public Folders without overwriting production data

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