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Promoting a job in C&DS from development to production is not appearing.

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Initially the current C&DS environment is:


The C&DS environment evolves into:

/jobs/mining-B (This job was renamed from mining-A to mining-B)


Now when the job /jobs/mining-B is promoted to PROD, the customer is not seeing mining-B created within the /jobs folder.


Objects are referenced through their URI not the name.


Properties of PROD mining-A job show it was updated when the promote was performed. Objects are referenced through their URI and this is why PROD mining-A continued to be updated. Renaming the PROD job mining-A to mining-B resolved the issue. The promote is performed and mining-B is updated.

Be extremely sensitive to renaming objects that are involved in export/import operations.

Expected operations to consider giving the above results.

1) Promoting source /folderA(objectsA) to target /folderA(objectsA) where the target folderA does not exist. A new target /folderA(objectsA) will be created. folderA is given an ObjectID xyz that is retained by the source as a target for future promotions.

2) Promoting source /folderA(objectsA) to target /folderA(objectsA) where the target folderA does exist. A /folderA_1(objectsA) will be created and folderA_1 will have ObjectID abc.

Number 2 above would be true if initially number 1 above occurred but then that target folder was deleted/recreated having the same name.

Keep in mind that the relationship defined in a promotion involves both name:objectID. If the name already exists, a name_1 is created and assigned an objectID which is retained by the source promoting system for future promotion operations.

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