How to dynamically stop the execution of the scripts upon verification point failure in Rational Functional Tester

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How do you dynamically stop the execution of scripts upon verification point failure in IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)?


The execution result would be incomplete if the script execution is made to progress further even upon the verification failure taking place.




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  1. Insert the below code within the verification point.

    boolean b= texttext3().performTest(Text_TextVP());
               {  System.out.println("VP Fails");

    Execution of the verification point results in a Boolean value (True/False).

  2. Invoke the method named stop() , to stop the script execution

    Example: A snippet of such code is described below.

    public void testMain(Object[] args)

           boolean b= texttext3().performTest(Text_TextVP());
               System.out.println("VP Fails");
               System.out.println("VP Pass");


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