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fs_check reports "SERIOUS: Bad source attribute value on ..." in Rational Synergy

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Attempts to run the fs_check command reports "SERIOUS: Bad source attribute value on name-version:type:instance" in IBM Rational Synergy.


The fs_check command reports the following message:
Serious: Bad source attribute value on name-version:type:instance
Can't determine archive file path for name-version:type:instance


This message indicates that the source attribute for this object is corrupt. This attribute must exist and may contain the source code for the object.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem you can try to set it manually and then use “ccm archive_fix” to verify it.

  1. Get the Component Version Identifier(CVID) for the object:
    ccm prop name-version:type:instance -f %cvid

  2. Using the CVID you can find where the file should be in the cache:
    Technote 1325187: Structure of the Rational Synergy Cache and Archive

  3. Delete the incorrect source attribute on the object:
    ccm attr –d source name-version:type:instance
  4. Re-create the source attribute and give it the correct value:
    ccm attr –c source –t <type> –v <path to the cache file you found
    in step 2> name-version:type:instance

    where <type> is the objects type.

  5. To fix the archive see the following:
    Technote 1624991: How to fix your fs_check errors in Rational Synergy

    Please contact Rational Client Support if you require any help.

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