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fs_check reports "SERIOUS: Cache file for non-static object ... is missing" in Rational Synergy

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Attempts to run the fs_check command reports "SERIOUS: Cache file for non-static object name-version:type:instance is missing" in IBM Rational Synergy.


The fs_check command reports the following message:

    SERIOUS: Cache file for non-static object foo.doc-5:binary:1 is missing.

    Cache file

    path: /data/ccmdb/MyDatabase/st_root/cache/source/#56/123456

    Status log:

    Tue May 21 11:24:20 2013: Status set to 'working' by usera

    Tue May 21 11:24:20 2013: Status set to 'visible' by usera


This error indicates that there is an object which is modifiable in the database and you do not have a cache file for it. Typically for this error you do not have an archive file for it either as the file has not been checked in.

We do not know why the cache file would be missing.

Diagnosing the problem

You need to see if you can find the source code for this object version:

The error message should indicate where the cache file should be and the Status log for the object. This will give you the status history of the object. That is who created it and when and when it was checked in and out.

Using the four part name from the error message you can query the database for the object to get more information about it, which will help you decide how to resolve the issue.

    ccm finduse name-version:type:instance will tell you in what project the object is used. From this you should be able to find the work area for the project.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem you have to try to recreate the cache file and it's contents.

  1. Recover the source code.
    Using the status_log and finduse information above you should be able to find the source code. If the file does not exist in a work area you may have to retrieve it from a backup.

  2. Get the Component Version Identifier(CVID) for the object:
    ccm prop name-version:type:instance -f %cvid

  3. Find where the file should be in the cache using the CVID if the error message does not give the information:
    Technote 1325187: Structure of the Rational Synergy Cache and Archive

  4. Create the cache file manually:
    (as ccm_root on UNIX, or the Synergy Admin user on Windows):
    % touch /data/ccmdb/dbname/st_root/cache/source/#56/123456

  5. Copy the source file to the cache file:
    You should have recovered the source file to copy into the cache file. However, if you don’t have a source file, you will either have to use the empty cache file using “touch” (as above) and then delete the object version, or copy the source of a different version of this object into the cache.

    NOTE: Please be careful that any task associated with modified object version is still accurate. If you replace the source of an object version in the cache, it may be that the task needs to be modified, or disassociated with the object version – so that the task is still an accurate description of the work within the object version code.

    You do not need to run the “ccm archive_fix” command for this error because there is no archive to correct.

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