Lotus Quickr Connectors: Troubleshooting SPNEGO issues

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You configured Quickr Connectors and Windows workstation to authenticate through SPNEGO, but you noticed that its not working as expected...how to troubleshoot this?

Resolving the problem

Here are things you can check for to troubleshoot this issue:
1- If the issue relates to a specific windows release, i.e. WinXP v/s Win7 then:
Can the same user login correctly from WinXP and from Win7?
We want to verify that the same user works fine from both releases or not
If things works fine on WinXP but not on Win7 then mostly its a workstation configuration issue...

2- Check browser settings of SPNEGO to make sure its configured correctly on Win7:
The below Wiki articles gives more info about this:

SPNEGO SSO Deployment in Lotus Quickr 8.5 Services for Lotus Domino

Configure the Quickr 's SPNEGO and cross the multiple Active Directory domains

3- Make sure user accounts have enough rights on Win7:
You can try with user accounts that have Administrator rights on Win7 and compare that to a problematic user...
In general, Connectors works better with Administrators rights to the workstation, and if the user has less rights then this can cause problems...

4- Download the tool "Kerbtray.exe" (google it please):
The following article explains more about this tool:
Then run it after user has logged in.

This should show you the Kerberos name. something like below:

If you don't have that, then SPNEGO is not going to work and it's not a Domino or Quickr problem   
in this case you need to check with Microsoft for a solution...

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