Incorrect version displayed in workspace for Watchdog and UL agent after upgrade.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Agent Version displayed in the Agents' Management Status view of the Agent Management Services workspace does not get updated after an upgrade for the Watchdog and UNIX Log Agent.


The Agent Version will continue to show the previous version of those agents.

This is a display-only problem and does not affect the operation of Watchdog.


When the agent stops, Watchdog writes out a file named $CANDLEHOME/config/CAP/pas.dat (UNIX/Linux) or %CANDLE_HOME%\TMAITM6\CAP\pas.dat (Windows) which it saves the current state of agents it knows about (including if it is managed, the number of restart attempts, and the version).

When the agent starts up again it will correlate data from the previous run (pas.dat) with the current CAP .xml files. In cases where it has data from a previous install and also a CAP .xml file it will merge the data but it was not calling the routine to update the version and build number, it was just using what was there previously.

Resolving the problem


1. Stop the OS Agent.

2. Delete the $CANDLEHOME/config/CAP/pas.dat file (UNIX/Linux) or

%CANDLE_HOME%\TMAITM6\CAP\pas.dat file (Windows)

3. Restart the OS Agent

NOTE: If you have manually managed/unmanaged any of the agents that Watchdog is monitoring via Take Action commands, these will need to be done again as this information is saved in the pas.dat file.


The problem has been fixed as part of defect 154305 and first shipped as part of ITM 6.22 FP5 and ITM 6.30 and included in subsequent Fix Packs and releases..

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