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Reimports of logical models fail when you use the IBM InfoSphere Data Architect MetaBroker after upgrading InfoSphere Information Server

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you use the IBM InfoSphere Data Architect MetaBroker to reimport a logical model that contains a validation range object, the import fails when you use InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager to share it to the metadata repository.This occurs after you apply the patch rollup_RU3_imam_all_8701 to InfoSphere Information Server, V8.7, or after you upgrade to InfoSphere Information Server, V9.1.


When you reimport, the Preview screen for the staged import in InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager shows that new a validation range object is created and some are deleted. When you share the import, the import fails with an error such as "Share import failed. ShareEvent xxxxxx failed." Detailed logs show errors such as "The request to delete ValidationRange object with RID xxxxxx violates a restrict delete rule on the reference "has_ValidationConstraint" from Domain object with RID xxxxxx". This prevents you from reimporting the logical model.


As of InfoSphere V9.1 and patch rollup_RU3_imam_all_8701, a name is generated for each validation range object and a relationship is set to its parent logical model. This change ensures that identity of validation range object is correct, which avoids creation of duplicate objects. It also ensures that the object is associated with its correct parent logical model.

However, the import fails because the previously existing validation range object cannot be deleted.

Resolving the problem

To successfully import the logical model, use the original input file to import into a new import area. Use the same path of the file that you used in the original import, so that the newly imported metadata reconciles with the previously imported metadata. This creates a new validation range object with a name and a relationship set to the correct logical model. Ignore the previously created validation range object.

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Software version: 8.7, 9.1

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Reference #: 1625832

Modified date: 2013-02-20