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Issues with Business Space and load balancer

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customer is unable to access Business space using load balancer.


Customer is able to access Business Space directly, but cannot access Business Space using load balancer.


Load balancer configuration.



Diagnosing the problem

Ensure that you can connect to Business Space directly to eliminate any issues with Business Space. Then check the load balancer configuration, as listed below.

Resolving the problem

There are a couple of custom properties we can set on the AppServer's webcontainer :



The getServerPort method relies on the getVirtualPort method of the
channel, which returns a port number in the following order:

Port number from the request URL
Port number from the request host header

This order is compliant with HTTP/1.1 RFC but not with the Java™ Servlet
Specification Version 2.4 API, which requires the port number from the
host header to be returned first, if any, or the request URL. The
correct returned URL for the above example is: http://ProxyServer:8888.
The web container was modified to return a port number from the host
header, if any, or the URL port that accepted the client connection.

You must set the trusthostheaderport and the custom property to true to return the port number from the request host header first. For example, set these properties in the web.xml file using:

trusthostheaderport = true = true

Or you can set these properties as web container custom properties in
the administrative console using the following two sets of name-value

Name Default value false
trusthostheaderport false

In the administrative console click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere
application servers > server_name > Web Container Settings > Web
container .
Under Additional Properties select Custom Properties.
On the Custom Properties page, click New.

Add the properties and set the values to true.

If the problem continues, capture the webcontainer traces and we can review further.

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