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Installing Rational License Key Server results in "JVM Terminated. Exit Code=13" error

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Attempts to install IBM Rational License Key Server results in the error "JVM Terminated. Exit Code=13".


Starting Eclipse using the wrong version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).



Diagnosing the problem

1. To find what version of Java is installed on Linux machine type the command "which Java" Otherwise, you can type "Java -version".

2. You need to know which is the correct JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for the version of Eclipse in use.

For example: Ganymede and Europa Eclipse will require the 1.5 JVM to start. If not you will see an error message "requiredJavaVersion=1.5".

Resolving the problem


Option #1: Download latest version of JDK and install it, in case JVM is not installed.

Option #2: If JVM is installed and still the error message is displayed while installing IBM Rational License Key Server, apply the following steps:

  1. Verify if correct version of Java is installed

  2. Use an Environment variable to ensure the correct Java version is used on the machine
    Configure Eclipse to use the correct version of Java during startup.

  3. Use the vm flag to configure Eclipse in picking the correct Java version from the machine

    For example: ./eclipse -vm /home/seed/app/jre1.5.0_10/bin

Eclipse is now configured to pick correct version of Java, now retry installing IBM Rational License Key Server

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Modified date: 15 February 2013

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