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Receive map encountering translation message TR0016 after migration from WDI 3.2.1 to WDI 3.3.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


WDI 3.3.0 is reporting the below EDI data validation error when processing any lower-case characters (a - z) within an EDIFACT alphanumeric (AN) type element . When running the same input on WDI 3.2.1, no validation error is reported. The UNB header indicates "UNOA" as the syntax identifier.


Message: TR0016 Severity: 04
Data value is not consistent with data type. Internal Trading Partner ID and Data Format = TPA - ADF. Transaction key, code, mode, and function = 20130206133548320000 - INVOIC - PRODUCTION - RECEIVE-FILE. Interchange, group and transaction control numbers = 1 - - 1. Current Loop- ID and repetitions = D00000 - 41. Standard segment and field ID = LIN(064) - 849 - 1 - 4 - (004,001). Application field ID = << N/A >>. Data type and value = AN - abc.


WDI 3.3.0 introduced UNOA, UNOB, and UNOC code lists (validation tables) as part of its default data during installation. As the UNOA table did not exist before on WDI 3.2.1, it was not being used to validate the data. Instead, 3.2 was using the default table named ALHPANUM, which includes lower-case characters. Since UNOA, by definition, does not include lower-case characters, WDI 3.3.0 is now reporting the TR0016 message.

Resolving the problem

There are several different ways to resolve, or eliminate, the TR0016 messages being reported:

  1. Now that there is a code list name matching UNB0101 syntax identifier UNOA, this table will be used instead of ALPHANUM. If you wish to accept lower-case characters, and any others that are listed in ALPHANUM, then delete the UNOA table and copy ALPHANUM to UNOA.
  2. Or, delete the UNOA table, in which case, WDI will fall back to using the default code list, ALPHANUM. However, be aware that WDI writes an Event Log entry with warning messages when the specific table is not found, e.g. "PS0201*08*Profile not found. ****Function = 10,Profile ID = UNOA ,Key = ,Type = GT,Field = ,Codes = 008 201" and "TV0001*04*Alphanumeric code list (validation table) UNOA does not exist and therefore cannot be used to override the ALPHANUM validation table. Processing will continue. ****
  3. Or, add "ALPHANUM" to the Receive Map Usage "Alphanumeric Data Validation Table" under the "WDI Options" tab. This would override the default behavior.
  4. Alternatively, the TR0016 message will be generated only when a map's usage or rule has a validation level set to 2 (Mandatory Validation, Plus code lists, Plus Data Type Verification). In other words, if the validation level is lowered, no TR0016 messages will be reported; however, the element data types will not be verified.

Note: the "CH" data type validation is checked against the "Character Data Validation Table" for which the default is "CHARSET". Hence, to allow lower-case (a - z) data for "AN" elements to pass validation without a TR0016, you can add lower case characters to ALPHANUM code list and/or to the code list identified by UNB0101.

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