Select Value box is Not Filtering Out Historical Records

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In the Labor Reporting application, Charge Information section, Work Order field, the Select Value box brings up historical records.


Steps to replicate the issue in Maximo, Maxdemo database:

- Login to Maximo as wilson

- Go to Work Orders > Work Order Tracking application

- Click on New Work Order icon, enter the mandatory values, save and close Work Order

- Take note of this Work Order number

- Go to Work Orders > Labor Reporting application

- From Labor Reporting application, click on New Row button

- From Charge Information section, Work Order field, click on Detail Menu > Select Value

- From Select Value box, in the Work Order filter column, enter the Work Order created and closed above and hit Enter key

The issue is:
Select Value box brings up a closed Work Order.
So when we try to select it, system warns that:
"BMXAA4603E - Activity xxxx is in history and must remain unchanged."

Resolving the problem

This issue has been identified in Maximo as APAR IV31819.

Please contact IBM Maximo Support and request the fix for this issue.

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