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Dynamic Policy Failed To Apply To User Who Is Being Renamed

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Dynamic Policy Failed To Apply To User Who Is Being Renamed


When the user is inactive, the rename process will not complete. It initiates the rename only occurs in the person document, not in a group document. If a dynamic policy is applied to a given group, the user being renamed will be excluded from the group, thus the policy will be no longer applied to the user.


This has been identified under APAR LO73929 (SPR # YGAO94VDWN)


Domino Server & Notes Client 8.5.3, Windows.

Diagnosing the problem

The new name will initially be updated in the person document once a rename process is initiated. This does not need user intervention. However, the following Adminp Request to update the group document will not complete until the user authenticates with the home mail server. However the end user is out of office at this stage.

Resolving the problem

This has been confirmed as a software limitation. It is under investigation for possible alteration in a future release.

A temporary workaround is to manually add new names into the relevant group instead of waiting for users to authenticate with the server and continuing the next AdminP request.

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Modified date: 14 February 2013

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