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Recording Studio fails to retrieve HTTP messages from a test

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Recording Studio attempts to capture HTTP messages that IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) of IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) sends, but does not result in recorded messages.


Recording appears to have started successfully, but you see no recorded messages or error message.


There are two main causes of this problem:

  • You are recording with the HTTP/TCP Proxy Agent, but the HTTP transport is not configured to use it.
  • You are recording using Packet Capture, but the HTTP messages are being sent to the local computer.

Resolving the problem

See the RIT Reference Guide and RIT Reference Guide for HTTP & Web Services for full information about using Recording Studio with HTTP messages.

  1. Go to Architecture School.
  2. Open the physical HTTP transport in one of two ways:
    a) Right-click the transport in Logical View and click Physical Resource
    b) Double-click the transport in Physical View.

  3. Click Recording and note the setting of Recording Mode.
    It will be either Packet Capture or External Proxy Server. Different checks are required for each.


    Click the Settings and verify that the Host is a remote machine.

    You cannot use packet capture to record messages that are being sent to localhost. These messages travel through the system loopback connector and remain unavailable to the packet capture libraries (PCAP).


    Click Client and verify that Proxy Host and Proxy Port are configured to point to your Proxy Agent.

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Software version: 8.0

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Modified date: 06 March 2013

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