HTTP 500 errors when starting an interview.

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When starting an interview we periodically recieve a http 500 error within the browser. This is then followed up the following in the logs:

HTTP request failed: 'I.Project=ProjectName': Failed to create interview: Error calling WS method 'CreateInterviewWithAuthentication'.  URL 'http://ServerA/mriengws/mrIEngWS.dll', Error codes: SOAP Client 'Everything succeeded', HTTP Status 0, SOAP Fault 0, HTTP Client 'The operation timed out

It appears as though the request has timed out. Subsquent attempts to access the survey do not always yield the same results. It appears as though once the project is cached on an engine the 500 error is no longer seen until the next time it needs to be cached.

This behavior appears to be most common with projects that contain larger mdd files.

Resolving the problem

In this instance the "Operation timed out" message is attributed to the project being cached on the engine when the web interview needs to cache a larger mdd file (Example 80mb mdd). This issue was introduced in the x64 bit version of msxml6.0. Microsoft has released the following fix that addresses the issue.

Cause: This issue occurs because slot-size and page-size are allocated incorrectly in a function in the 64-bit environment.

This technote is only relevant to machines/servers running x64 bit versions of Server 2008 and Windows 7. This particular issue was reproduced by IBM within x64 bit systems however when testing against a x32 bit platform the 500 errors could not be recreated. Microsoft has stated that the issue within msxml6.0 was only within the x64 version. If you are having similar issues on a x32 bit platform that runs the x32 bit version of msxml6.0 please report to Technical Support as this technote does not apply.

In addition, the issue with x64 msxml6.0 could affect other components/applications within the Data Collection Suite as msxml is component that is used throughout. If you believe you are receiving unexpected performance issues when working with larger mdd files with any of the Data Collection applications please consult Technical Support.

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