Collecting Data for Tivoli Endpoint Manager Software Usage Analysis 1,x

Technote (troubleshooting)


Datapoints to collect for Support when opening a PMR on an problem experienced in TEM SUA 1.x

Resolving the problem

The following data points need to be gathered and sent to Support on the opening of a PMR for troubleshooting problems in the TEM SUA 1.x product.

  • The current version of TEM SUA application and catalog, this can be found in the bottom right corner of the TEM SUA web user interface, for example:
  • On the TEM SUA server, create a zip of the following directory and its contents \BigFix Enterprise\DSS\rails\log
  • For issues where certain software is not being properly identified on or tracked on a computer endpoint(s).

    • Pick one of the computers, and copy out all the information in Raw Installed Applications Data tab:

  • Also, copy out all the information in the Raw Application Usage Data tab:

  • Next, use the BES ID the computer(in this example it is 13044499) and navigate to the computers upload manager data folder on the TEM server
      \BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\UploadManagerData\BufferDir\sha1\99\13044499

      And zip up the computer's upload folder and its contents:

  • Using your case's PMR number (replace #####.###.### with your PMR number below); FTP this information to your PMR support case:

      FTP Instructions
      PLEASE upload files to the ftp site at, our ECUREP WorldWide Repository

      Please first zip or compress all files into a single file with the file
      name using this format:
      ppppp.bbb.ccc (pmr number . branch office .countrycode) Example:

      1. ftp
      2.User: anonymous
      3. Password: <your e-mail address>
      4. cd toibm/tivoli
      5. bin
      6. put
      7. quit

      (pmr number . branch office . country code)

      If you have problems FTP'ing from the command line or browser, you may want to try using
      a GUI FTP program, such as one of the following:


      Note: For subsequent files you upload, you can name the files your are uploading the same (the PMR number separated by dots instead of commas).
      If you do not want to name it the same you can name it as the PMR number and underscore and a descriptive keyword (for example

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