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Using ClearTeam Explorer views and dialogs for dynamic view operations in Microsoft® Visual Studio IDE integrated with IBM® Rational® ClearCase

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How do I leverage the features available in ClearTeam Explorer views and dialogs for Dynamic View operations from within Visual Studio ?


In IBM Rational ClearCase version and later, you can use ClearTeam Explorer views and dialogs instead of ClearCase native client dialogs for all dynamic view operations. Enable this feature by selecting the new user preference that has been introduced within Visual Studio (Tools -> Options -> Rational ClearCase) as shown below.

The preference is not selected by default, in which case all Dynamic View operations use native client dialogs. However, when you perform a SCM operation in a dynamic view for the first time in any Visual Studio IDE, a pop-up dialog alerts you to the new preference.

This dialog is displayed only if you have not already set the preference using Visual Studio -> Tools->Options setting.

The following changes take effect when the preference is set for a dynamic views:

1) All ClearCase operations use ClearTeam Explorer views and dialogs from all the invocation points within Visual Studio (ClearCase main menu, ClearCase tool bar, Solution Explorer context menus, Pending Checkins tool window, ClearCase Search, Front Desk -> Views and Tools)

2) The view type selection dialog used for operations like Create View, Join project and Remove View displays options as shown below.

3) FrontDesk -> Tools -> "WebView Tools" has been renamed to "ClearTeam Explorer" irrespective of the preference.

With the preference set, all the tools available under this category, such as Remove View, Deliver, Merge, Search, Edit View Config, and so on, can be used for a dynamic view as the Select View dialog used for these operations will also list dynamic Views in addition to web views.

4) The context menu for dynamic views (Base ClearCase or UCM views) changes dynamically according to the preference. This snapshot shows the UCM dynamic view context menu when the preference has been set.

Limitation: The properties of elements, versions, views, and streams from all the invocation points display native client property dialogs irrespective of the preference value.

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