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Migrating from Yantra to SSFS

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Whether java code used in Yantra 7.3 is compatible with SSFS 9.2 or not ? There are few methods in some classes whose return type is different in SSFS9.2 and Yantra 7.3, Is modification of Java Code is needed ?
For Example,return value of a particular method (getChildren method) in a particular class(YFCNode class) has been changed. According to JavaDoc in Yantra7.3, the return value is java.util.Iterator.However, in SSFS 9.2 JavaDoc, the return value becomes to be com.yantra.yfc.core.YFCIterable<? extends YFCNode>.


Migrating from Yantra 7.3 to SSFS 9.2 and using the same code which was used in Yantra 7.3.

Resolving the problem

The deprecated methods will work now but in future they will not work.
In the scenario mentioned above, same code will work fine because the return type of this method in SSFS 9.2 (com.yantra.yfc.core.YFCIterable<? extends YFCNode>) extends java.util.Iterator class, which is same as return type of that method in Yantra 7.3.

It is recommended to review custom code for dependencies on out of the box classes post upgrade.

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Modified date: 17 July 2013

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