Prices not displaying on categories or search results

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When selecting a particular currency on the storefront, prices display on ProductDisplay pages but not on the categories or search results


Instead of the Price you see "Price Pending" on the category and search result pages


The currency selected is not indexed which is where the price should come from on the particular pages (not ProductDisplay). To check which currencies are indexed out of the box, see article: Temporary table schema definition.

... and go down to "TI_OFFERPRICE_#INDEX_SCOPE_TAG#"

Resolving the problem

Open this file:


... It guides you as to where you need to add entries for an additional currency. For example:

To add a new currency, add a new column in the create statement, the column name has to PRICE_XXX, XXX is the three letter
currency code from the ISO 4217.

You will also need to change the corresponding wc-data-config.xml file. Look for any occurrence of "TI_OFFERPRICE.PRICE_USD" and add in a similar entry for the new currency in every query where you find it.

Also add a specific field tag for the new currency. For example:

<field config="PRICE_XXX" name="price_XXX"/>

...Now preprocess and rebuild the index.

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