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Prices not displaying on categories or search results

Technote (troubleshooting)


When selecting a particular currency on the storefront, prices display on ProductDisplay pages but not on the categories or search results.


Instead of the Price you see "Price Pending" on the category and search result pages.


One possible cause is that WebSphere Commerce has no pricing data (be it in the index or the database) for the currency selected.

Resolving the problem

There are a number of options here but first check your "price mode". If price mode is set to "mixed" or "indexed", the following options can be taken (otherwise the price should come from the OFFER and OFFERPRICE database tables and if the currency entries already exist in OFFERPRICE, then there could be other issues such as with configuration/loading of the entries themselves):

1. Some currencies are indexed out of the box. In this case, simply:

- Enable support for the currency in the relevant store using the Management Center "Store Management" tool
- Restart the WebSphere Commerce server
- Rebuild the index using di-preprocess and di-buildindex utilities

To check which currencies are indexed out of the box, see article: Temporary table schema definition.... and go down to "TI_OFFERPRICE_#INDEX_SCOPE_TAG#"
2. If the currency is not indexed out of the box, there is a Knowledge Center guide that can help index a new currency.

Note: From Feature Pack 7 onwards, this will need to be carried out in a similar manner for list prices as they have been added to the index. For example, for the preprocess steps, the changes will go into wc-dataimport-preprocess-listprice.xml
3. You can use another currency and convert from it into the new currency. Check here.

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