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Installation takes long time to load over network.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Due to the file size of the Statistics installation file when having user's launch the install over a network from a shared folder the load time causes some users to believe that the computer is not responding to their request. This may result in such users launching multiple installs, causing their systems and networks to degrade rapidly in performance.


Past versions of Statistics provided a small setup.exe file that would show an immediate splash screen while the bulk of the installation was loaded. Statistics 21 comes in a single large .exe that a client PC must first load a large part into memory before any such splash screens may appear.

Resolving the problem

Currently the only solution is to simply prepare your users to wait for the installation to load, which can take several minutes depending on computer and network speed.

A request has been submitted to SPSS development asking for future versions to make the smaller setup.exe to be available in future versions.

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