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IBM Rational Integration Tester does not start after update

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After successfully applying an update to IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) of IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW), you cannot start the program.


Installation Manager successfully applies the update, but you experience one of the following symptoms.

  • When you start RIT, all you see is the splash screen appear and then disappear.

  • When you start RIT, you see an error window "GH Tester" with the following message.

    An error has occurred.  See the log file <log file name>

    The log file contains multiple errors. They report that bundles cannot be resolved.
  • You cannot start Library Manager and see no error message.


During the update process the Java JAR cache becomes corrupted. This prevents the programs from finding their required library files. Therefore they cannot start.

Resolving the problem

Start on the command line using the -clean option.

This issue is documented in the Rational Test Workbench Fix Pack Release Notes below:

Rational Test Workbench Fix Pack 2 ( for 8.0.1

  1. Open a command window.

  2. Navigate to the RIT installation folder.

    cd C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational Integration Tester

    Other operating systems
    cd /opt/IBM/RIT

  3. Run RIT.

    GHTester.exe -clean

    Other operating systems
    ./GHTester -clean

  4. Run Library Manager for RIT or Agent.

    LibConfig.exe -clean

    Other operating systems
    ./LibConfig -clean


The programs will take longer to start with the -clean option, because you then rebuild the caches before normal program operation.

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