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Cron job throws an error "2912" - IBM Sterling Connect:Express for Unix

Technote (troubleshooting)


When running a cron job the following error is being displayed:

Your "cron" job on <server_name>

/si/Connect_Express/tom6/itom/p1b8preq "/SFN=LOOP/SPN=LOOP/DIR=T"

"/DSN=/si/Connect_Express/tom6/config/sysin.sample" >


produced the following output:



error 2912


It is an Internal Error Code : (see CXUX15_UserGuide.pdf page 5-5) page 77

/* Internal Error Return Code */
#define ERROR_BAD_FUNC 2900
#define ERROR_CRE_QUEUE 2901
#define ERROR_PB_SEND 2902
#define ERROR_PB_RECV 2903
#define ERROR_TIME_OUT 2904
#define ERROR_NOTOM 2912
#define ERROR_OTHER 2999

To execute transfer requests using the p1b8preq utility two conditions are necessary:

1) the variable $TOM_DIR must exist for the user who launches p1b8preq

2) the monitor tom_mon must be started

If one of the two conditions is not true, the error is thrown


Diagnosing the problem

Check the crontab output job for any problems, check that tom is running and that environment variables are set on the cron job.

Resolving the problem

By default cron jobs run under the default shell of whoever's crontab it is.

Also, a cron job only inherits /etc/environment, not /etc/profile or ~/.profile.

Make sure you code the shell you want on the crontab entry and be sure that it exists.

Use full (absolute) pathnames for all the commands you want to run.

Explicitly set all the environment variables you want to use or rely on.

Document information

More support for: Sterling Connect:Express for UNIX

Software version: 1.5

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

Reference #: 1625237

Modified date: 03 July 2013

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