How to set troubleshooting logs for a specific scan in AppScan Enterprise

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How do you set troubleshooting logs (Extended Support logs) for a specific scan in IBM Security AppScan Enterprise?


You need to send Extended Support logs to AppScan Enterprise support on an issue with your scan.


  1. Select the job in the AppScan Enterprise Console, and click the Edit icon, or click the Edit link next to the job's name, and then click Log Settings
    Note: If you are a quick scan user, you may not have permissions to that page.

  2. Select the following options (see the option in the screen capture below):
    - Enable logging
    - Verbose
    - Enable Traffic Log
    and clear any log size limits.

    IMPORTANT: Set Log Level to Verbose and NOT to Debug. The Debug level is only for a special request from a support engineer who is troubleshooting the problem. This level will generate files of large sizes.

    Note: AppScan Enterprise version 8.7 and older (and all versions of Policy Tester) does not have any Debug option in Log Settings -> Log Level. If you need to set the job to the Debug level in those versions, consult technote #1404932: How to enable debug logging .

  3. After making the above changes, reproduce the problem.

  4. Once the problem has been reproduced, access the Statistic page of the scan job by clicking the scan job name. Then select the Download link (on the "Extended Support Log" line) to download the Extended Support logs.

    Note: Sometimes the traffic log is not added to the Extended Support log. This may happen when the scanner running the scan is hosted on a different machine than the ASE console is. In this case collect the traffic log as described in Location of the AppScan Enterprise traffic log.

  5. Upload the downloaded file to your support ticket as described in How to upload data to a support ticket.

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