Theme creation performed using "themelist" entry point for WebDAV does not set the proper context root

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When creating a copy of the static resources for a custom theme in WebSphere Portal using the "themelist" entry point for WebDAV, the responsive design features are not working as expected. Specifically all of the items for common actions are displaying for all devices. If you export the themes that are defined for WebSphere Portal, the context root is set to "/wps/themeModules" instead of the default theme for WebSphere Portal 8.x.


To fix the issue, follow the steps below:
1. Export the theme using the xmlaccess script below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
type="export" create-oids="true">
<portal action="locate">
<theme action="export" active="true" objectid="*">

2. Open the themes that were exported and find the theme created using WebDAV (you can find it by the name you put in the localized properties file).

3. For that theme, find this line:
<theme action="update" active="true" context-root="/wps/themeModules" ... >

4. Change "/wps/themeModules" to "/wps/defaultTheme80"
note: If you prefer to use a custom EAR, you can set it to that context root as well.

5. Import the modified XML file using xmlaccess at the command line or the "XML Import" portlet

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