V6 Tivoli Storage Manager server install can fail on the DB2 component due to permissions

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The V6 Tivoli Storage Manager server installation can fail to install the DB2 component due to improper permissions on the DB2 install media.


The following behavior can be seen during console mode installation of the Tivoli Storage Manager server:

Installation Complete
The following components were successfully installed:
TSM Server

The following components had errors:
DB2 9.7

See /var/tivoli/tsm/log.txt for details.

Note that the Tivoli Storage Manager server component is installed successfully, but the DB2 9.X component had errors and failed to be installed.


There can be many different reasons for such a failure during the DB2 installation, however, this document describes an issue with the permissions of the DB2 installation binaries on the install media.


All Tivoli Storage Manager server installations on UNIX platforms.

Diagnosing the problem

Review the de_trace.log file located within the logs.zip archive generated by the installation failure at /var/tivoli/tsm/logs.zip. If the following error is contained in this file, then this document applies:

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/tmp/COI/PackageSteps/DB2/FILES/ese/db2setup": java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied

Resolving the problem

Review the permissions of the DB2 installation files at the path referenced in the error:

# ls -la /tmp/COI/PackageSteps/DB2/FILES/ese

All of the files should have the execute (x) bit set. If they do not, then this is the cause of this failure.

The following command can be used to recursively set the files to have the execute (x) bit set:

# chmod -R +x /tmp/COI/PackageSteps/DB2/

After the permissions are properly set, rerun the Tivoli Storage Manager server installer to complete the DB2 installation.

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