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ANR8418E DEFINE PATH command fails with TS2900 device

Technote (troubleshooting)


A Tivoli Storage Manager server trying to configure a TS290 device fails to configure the library with the ANR8418E.


The activity log reports the error below when defining the path:
ANR8418E DEFINE PATH: An I/O error occurred while accessing library TS2900.


TS2900 Library mode is set to Sequential instead of Random

Diagnosing the problem

On AIX, run the "lsdev -Cc tape" command and verify that the /dev/smcX device is available. In this case, the device was missing from AIX.

Similarly, on Windows, access "Device Manager" in Windows and verify if the Medium Changer is missing.

Resolving the problem

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Access the TS2900 Tape Autoloader and verify that the Library mode is set to Random
    Refer to the IBM System Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader Setup, Operator, and Service Guide for more information on changing the Library mode.
  2. Install the latest IBM device driver from Fix Central.
    For Product Group, select "System Storage"
    For "Select from System Storage", select "Tape systems"
    For "Select from Tape systems", select "Tape drivers and software"
    For "Select from Tape drivers and software", select "Tape device drivers"
    For "Platform", select the appropriate operating system.
  3. Run "cfgmgr" on AIX (or scan for hardware changes on Windows) and verify that library device is created and is available. The device name on AIX would be /dev/smcX and \\.\ChangerX on Windows.
  4. Define the TS2900 Tape Autoloader to the Tivoli Storage Manager server as a scsi library. For example, using a server named MYTSM, the commands would be :

    - define library TS29LIB libtype=scsi autolabel=yes
    - define path MYTSM TS29LIB srct=server destt=library device=/dev/smc0
    - define drive TS29LIB DRIVE01
    - define path MYTSM DRIVE01 srct=server destt=drive library=TS29LIB device=/dev/rmt0
    - checkin libv TS29LIB search=yes checkl=barcode status=scratch
    - checkin libv TS29LIB search=yes checkl=barcode status=private

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