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Order of Starting and Stopping Services on OpenPages, Cognos, and Database Servers

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What is the order of stopping and starting the services on the various OpenPages servers, Cognos servers, and the database server?


The OpenPages architecture comprises of three main server types. The OpenPages application server, the Cognos reporting server, and the database server. The OpenPages Administrator's Guide and Cognos documentation provides documentation on starting and stopping the services on the respective servers.

If the servers need to be restarted for server maintenance, the ideal start and stop procedures are:

  1. Stop the services on the Cognos reporting server.
  2. Stop the services on the OpenPages application server.
  3. Stop the services on the database server.
  4. Start the services on the database server.
  5. Start the services on the Openpages application server.
  6. Start the services on the Cognos reporting server.

A reason why the servers should be restarted in this order is that both the OpenPages application server and the Cognos reporting server have database connections to the database server. If the database server was stopped first, the logs would begin capturing error messages stating a connection was lost.

If the OpenPages application server or the Cognos server were started prior to the database being up and running, users may encounter errors since the respective applications couldn't connect to the database to retrieve and/or update information from the database.

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