BIP2186W from WMB mqsireadlog command

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You enter the WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) mqsireadlog command, but it fails, returning the following BIP2186W message:

"A request was sent to a component to read its log. While preparing the resulting output to send back, it detected that it was over the maximum message size for the transport used. To read the log directly from the file, please issue the mqsireadlog command, specifying the -f flag."


BIP4041E: Execution group '<EG_name>' received an invalid configuration message.

BIP2186W: A component attempted to read a log file that was too large for it to handle.
BIP8036E: Negative response received.


As stated in the BIP2186W message output, the log file that is being read is larger than the maximum message size for the selected transport. The transport is usually WebSphere MQ, which has a maximum allowable message size of 100 MB.

Resolving the problem

When you use the mqsireadlog command, specify the -f parameter to read the log file directly from the file system, instead of through WebSphere MQ messages. Specifying the -f parameter removes the 100 MB limitation, and allows for larger traces to be captured.

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